When The Birds Return

by The Second Wind Endeavor

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A labor of several years, attempting to illustrate a few of the various facets of love, through story-telling buoyed by a current of home-recorded folk rock music. All words and music written and performed by Michael Virga.


released June 19, 2017



all rights reserved


The Second Wind Endeavor Taos, New Mexico

And I'll tell it, and think it, and speak it, and breathe it;
and reflect from the mountain so all souls can see it;
and I'll stand on the ocean until I start sinking,
but I'll know my song well before I start singing.
-Bob Dylan
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Track Name: Summer Thunder
I sat in that empty room
with breezes blowing through my house,
and my nose bled
from the sweetness in the air.

I got up from the bed
and I flew down the wind to your house,
and I watched as you washed
your long black hair.

The summer thunder scared you
into my arms,
but when I woke up
you were never there.

I sat in that empty room
and listened to the birds fly singing,
love songs to a world
without care.

But I never understood
why it was always so hard just to say
what I wanted to say,
and disguises were never
what I meant to share.

The summer thunder scared me
into your arms,
and when I turned 'round
you stood smiling there.
Track Name: The Wandering Found
When the wind stops blowing the answers will fall to the ground,
to burn amid the rubble of a thousand kingdoms down.
And the flames will be like tongues we understand without a sound,
as the valley is filled with the weeping of the wandering found.

But until the soft dawning of that mountain kingdom far,
when iron and fired-clay will be hurled pas the evening star.
Pray that we may lie under a sky
that pain has not scarred.
Track Name: Icarus #4
Silently I move to
the open door,
she is waiting with a light;

and all the songs we sing
are to the soaring stars
we cast through the night.

She dances me over moons
like an angel,
she flies on wings of gold.

And I disappear wherein
the flame will
burn colored darkness cold.

I hold her in my arms,
swaying as the hours wane,
in the sweetness of her skin,
like apples in the rain.

And the night is shining now.
She’s smiling.
I can feel it burn inside me
like fire.
Castles from the sky descending;
Baby, there ain't no place you can take me higher.

Flying through the skies of
an orange dream,
somewhere a cloud is turning.

And my eyes are blinded by
a flaming soul,
burning, burning.

All I want to do is capture it--
the tower glow;
but it’s melting through the wax in my wings,
and I’m falling
into the sea.
Track Name: And As Light Dies (All The Colors Are There)
I will stand on mountainsides,
and let the wind sing through my hair.
And as the light dies,
all the colors will be there.
Track Name: The Falling Years
We drew a line between the stars.
A bond, we painted it over the folds.
We drew a line between the stars,
right between the lies we never told.

Sooner than later our line grew too frayed.
I knew you were mine, still from the line I strayed.
And our paint faded, it faded in the setting light,
to drift silently away in the darkness of night.

Remember me in the falling years.
Remember the laughter and the swallowed tears.
Remember how we found our dreams and conquered our fears.
Remember me.

Fill the cup in the upstairs room.
Watch the candle burn in deep, dark eyes.
Whisper a prayer in the mounting gloom,
as a breath of air quenches the raging fire.

And love is filled with temptation like never before.
But nobody noticed the breath of calm before the rising storm.
And he don’t remember ‘til after once and twice and thrice and oh,
the sun is rising with a light that despair does not know.

Remember me in the falling years.
Remember the laughter and the swallowed tears.
Remember how we found our dreams and conquered our fears.
Remember me.
Track Name: Lay Down Your Anchor
Murmurs of starlight unspoken
drift away.
Memories of river trails unbroken—
may I stay
beside your fire for a time?
Hold you in my arms as we watch the river go by,
remembering a place when you were mine.
So fine.

Dreams of golden strangers,
come inside.
Visions like shadows of unknown danger—
love me kind.
Deep within your house of glass,
may we forever forget the pain of the past,
as the whirlwind of freedom chains you within my grasp,
my lass.

My love, return to your harbor.
And lay down your anchor
because I am marooned here
beside these waters,
until you, lovely, should come back around
and lift me up off of this lonesome ground.

Flowers break through the barren earth—
a brand new day.
Butterflies float like shadows of sunshine—
a whole new way:
to catch these darts of honeyed wine;
to dance and sing beneath the silver moonshine;
to look at her and to see her smile.
So fine.
Track Name: Letters (Across The Atlantic)
I don’t remember
if there’d been a dream
when my feet hit the floor.
I closed my eyes to the stones i threw
at you.

The clouds were swollen,
but I couldn’t feel the wind
blowing cold across my face.
I fell from the tree to the earth below,

Now shame has dropped her cloak
upon my shoulders,
because now I know the sorrow
that would be tomorrow without you here
with me.

If I tear at the ground
beneath your baobab tree,
would you choke the devil’s thorns?
Don’t you ever make me to wear that crown

I have no words for you
but to make myself naked,
to lift my hands to your chest,
to keep writing you letters across the atlantic:
I’m yours.

Now I have gone away
somewhere across the sea—
to find the apple core,
to burn my scars in the sun, and come home
to you.

The fever dream is past,
and I wait by the window
and watch the sun rising.
Your heart beats across the horizon
to me.

Meet me in the garden
where the earth still sings.
Beneath the gate to Eden,
I'll wrestle the angel of the burning sword
for you.

Come home.
Track Name: Will You Be With Me?
When the flowers bloom,
Mm and the grass is new,
Will you...

When the well goes dry,
Mm and the suns burns high,
Will you be with me?

When the birds fly away,
With nothing more for which to stay,
Will you be with me?

When the sky turns cold,
Mm and my face gets old,
Will you be with me?

When the birds return,
Mm and a new love burns again,
Will you be with me?